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Police: Brighton dog owner shot in direction of another dog owner who declined his offer to have their pets fight

Boston Police report arresting Daniel Logan, 50, after he allegedly pulled a gun on a fellow dog owner and fired one shot in his direction last night at McKinney Playground off Faneuil Street.

According to police, the incident happened around 7:40 p.m. near the Keenan Road end of the park:

On arrival, officers located an adult male victim who stated that while walking his dog on the rear baseball field, he was approached by the suspect who was also walking his dog at the time of the incident. The victim stated the suspect approached him and asked if his dog was friendly. The suspect then asked the victim if he wanted to fight or wanted to have the two dogs fight, to which the victim declined. The suspect then began to threaten the victim without cause before pulling out a firearm from his jacket pocket. The suspect then chambered a round and fired one shot into the ground near the shortstop position on the baseball diamond. The victim then quickly fled the area on foot and contacted police. Officers later recovered ballistic evidence at the described location.

Logan was charged with assault by means of a dangerous weapon, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, carrying a loaded firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say, adding that neither officers nor gun-sniffing dogs were able to find the gun.

Innocent, etc.



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Probably should read "nor gun shiffing dogs"

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Fixed, thanks.

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The story says he first asked the victim if HE wanted to fight (and then if the dogs could fight.) Who does that?

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Somebody who should not have a gun or a dog, that's who.

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is definitely what jail is for.

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Looks like a pretty clear case of "It's the owner, not the bread".

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i agree that the owner is at fault, and not the bread that he chooses to eat.

It's also not the breed of dog. Shitty owners lead to shitty dogs.

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No type of bread would hurt anyone without being provoked.....except maybe sourdough.

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Some of those thick-crusted artisan breads can really do a number on the roof of your mouth.

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There’s no knead to stereotype sourdough like that.

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Biscotti - Fights after a double espresso
Breadstick - Proclivity for knife fights - will stick you
Challah - Served in IDF but doesn't fight anymore
French bread - Surrenders before fight begins
Boule - Too round to fight
Brioche - Too light to fight
Cornbread - Southern variety, last fought at Appomattox
Croutons - Too stiff to fight
Crumpet, Score, English Muffin - Too sad about Megxit to fight
Cuban bread - Too busy fighting a revolution to fight you
Flatbread - Too short to fight
Naan, Roti - Will only fight if you take its yoga mat
Pita Bread - Might fight. Will explode if you push it too far.
Portuguese sweet bread - Too sweet to fight
Pumpernickel - Will fight if you call it a pumpkin
Rye bread - Rhymes with cry. Not a fighter.
Soda bread - Carbonated - watch out for this one
Teacake - Very propper - never seen a fight
Texas toast - Might be a fighter - everyone from Texas has a gun
Tiger bread - Sounds dangerous
Tortilla - Fights after tequila shots
Vienna bread - Listens to Mozart, doesn't fight
White bread - Too boring to fight
Canadian White Bread - Too polite and boring to fight
Whole wheat bread - Too healthy to fight

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Always gets caraway after a few

Voting closed 45

I don't know, in my experience Pumpernickels can get a little nasty.

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... to keep his dog after indicating he wanted to use it in a dog fight?

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be in Richmond, VA this weekend?

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It says in the constitution that gun owners can force people to dog fight in a baseball field, libtard!!1!

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