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Man charged with attacking woman on an elevator at Haymarket T stop


Transit Police report arresting a Woburn man they say indecently attacked a woman as they rode an elevator down to the Orange Line platform at Haymarket around 5:15 a.m. on Saturday.

When police arrived, they found Gilbert Clement, 27, of Woburn, still in the station. He was arrested on a charge of indecent assault and battery, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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He sexually assaults and attacks a poor girl in a train station and hangs around till the police show up. He obviously is not afraid of being arrested by the police nor facing punishment by the courts. Female passengers make up the majority of passengers on the MBTA and the MBTA should make their safety a priority.

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"Female passengers make up the majority of passengers on the MBTA "

Citation please.

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All Rapid Transit:
58% Woman
40% Man

All Commuter Rail:
56% Woman
41% Man

All Bus:
63% Woman
35% Man


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People who do these things, do not think they are wrong, even when you explain it to them.

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I was followed into an elevator at Copley inbound a month or so back. The guy was against the wall in the little alcove by the elevator when I got there. I thought he was just hanging out and staying warm and I ignored him. He was wearing a sweatshirt or jacket with the hood up, so I didn't get a good look at his face. When he followed me into the elevator, I turned and walked back out. I was nursing a bad knee and ankle but was able to take the stairs and did. Ugh, this poor woman.

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there are always seedy charachters around the dunkin's and variety store some used to

cash checks from bay cove..but they stopped cashing...who run the boston night center...some homeless club members

sleep there.. addiction..bodies literally sleeping on top of bodies..in the morning they hang out at

haymarket or boston public market and panhandle and do the big ben twist fats and his chessmen 1961 stereophonic records

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The T should staff all stations all the time. It is not safe to have unstaffed stations

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By "staff all stations," I assume you're excluding the cut-rate contractors on sometime greeter duty?

True story:

Several years back, my friend - a fairly rough-and-tumble guy who does not scare easily - was surrounded by a bunch of younger folk after getting of the bus at Wonderland. He was probably about 28 at the time while the group was perhaps ten years younger. They threatened him and made comments about separating him from his laptop, which he had been using on the bus ride.

He somehow managed to evade them, tucked away in a corner at the station, and called 911. He was transferred to the MBTA police. He then sheltered in place for some time while he awaited their response to the station. He continued to wait. Eventually, realizing that they were unlikely to ever come, he decided to take a risk and head back over to the platform. Fortunately, the group of toughs had dispersed.

It is unconscionable that T stations aren't staffed. For all the flaws in the NYC system, in my experience (i.e., living in NYC), those stations are always staffed.

In my friend's case, he could have perhaps fended for himself if he'd been set upon. But many others aren't so lucky....

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Why am I not surprised that the T cops (in your friend's case) never even bothered to show up?

I recently called 911 about some young guys vandalizing property late at night, and the 911 call-center guy demanded a description of their clothing, and when I couldn't provide it (it was pretty dark) he obviously lost interest. I provided a location but the cops never came.

And I've seen a fare jumper go through a T turnstile right in front of two uniformed T employees (who were big, strong looking guys, they were looking right at the fare jumper and either one could have handled him alone) and they did nothing.

And I've seen two cops standing around a construction site at night, just chatting to each other (while on overtime probably) while pedestrians almost fall into construction holes and dodge confused drivers while trying to cross the street (with no help from the cops).

I expect nothing from law enforcement, except our taxes to pay for their salaries.

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