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Police arrest Roslindale man for loaded gun they say was stolen in California in 1997

Stolen gun

The old gun. Photo by BPD.

Boston Police report arresting two Roslindale men, one on gun charges and one on motor-vehicle charges, in the Archdale development in Roslindale shortly after 10:10 a.m. yesterday.

Police say gang-unit officers on patrol in Archdale, spotted a car going way too fast down Archdale Road towards Brookway Terrace - and that a quick check showed the car's license plate was canceled - and not associated with the car it was on.

Officers initiated a traffic stop in the area of 90 Archdale and observed both the operator and front passenger open their doors in an attempt to exit the vehicle. Officer were able to keep both parties in the motor vehicle.

But one of the two, passenger Michael Gerald, 24, began moving around, reaching for a backpack on the floor, police say:

Officers feared a weapon might be present so both parties were removed from the motor vehicle. A loaded Intratec, Tec-9 firearm with one round in the chamber and five rounds of ammunition in the magazine were recovered from the backpack. A check of the CJIS Web revealed that the firearm had been reported stolen out of Covino, CA., on December 12, 1997.

Gerald was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, carrying a dangerous weapon and receiving stolen property, police say.

Driver Anthony Villafane, 26, was also arrested, on charges of operating after suspension and operating an uninsured motor vehicle on a public way, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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Great job BPD! Should be mandatory 10 years...period. Want to get serious about stopping gun crime? Then we need to get serious about punishment for illegal possession. That would change things real quick.

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What should give “undocumented” people would steal people’s SSNs, death?

10 years is a lot, 2 years seems reasonable.

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If we as a state (and country) want to get tough on gun crime, then we need to get tough on punishment. These shi&theads were driving around with an illegal gun, that would be used in a crime or potentially a murder. Now the gun if off the street - and they should be as well, but not for two years. Two years is a joke, it is not a deterrent.

Once these idiots know that driving around with a gun will guarantee them serious time, they will think twice.

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I don’t know. You read at least once a week about a teenager found illegally in possession of a firearm, or a young adult possessing one at a traffic stop. bpdnews.com the Instagram of illegal firearms.

As it stands they know they face a slap on the wrist so it justifies acting like a tough guy carrying that piece. They go do a quick bid get that badge of honor and turned right back out. No big deal.

Now if the sacrifice for that tough guy pose and that badge of honor was 10 years time, maybe they might reconsider carrying that piece (without a license).

Personally, I think this could be a top consideration for any legislator who wants to make a serious dent in the number of gun crimes in this city, but, I digress and only pray.

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Why would you focus on the person at the end of the line? Who's supplying the guns? That's the bigger issue. How often do you hear where the gun came from (what we saw in this report is pretty rare)?

All the guns we have in our streets cannot all be stolen from someone's home. Someone is buying them legally and reselling them on the black market.

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I will agree that both ends should receive severe punishment. But the end who obtains (and uses) illegal firearms should be an automatic 10 years.

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sentence for having an unlicensed gun on you. The courts never upheld this, excuses person didn't have a record before etc.

To be honest with you I think an undocumented person with stolen SSN's is pretty bad and should get them a trip back home forever.

Nothing will happen to these guys probably minimal bail and they will walk free.

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Danger Zone

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The guy who was reaching to the floor during the traffic stop is lucky he didn't get shot by cop.

Schools really need to drill into kids (at a young age) how to behave during a traffic stop.

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"When the cop tells you to shut up, you shut up! When you the cop tells you to lick his boots, you lick his boots!

When the cop tells you to get in the boxcar, you get in the fucking box car!"

Do what you're told and you won't get hurt! "Teach them how to behave", jesus christ.

How about we teach cops not to murder people in their own homes? How's that for a start?

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Didn't help him much. They summarily executed him anyway. https://www.npr.org/tags/485432381/philando-castile

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who are in possession of contraband don't scrupulously observe motor vehicle regulations. I imagine if I were ridin' dirty on the regular, I'd obey speed limits, stop lights and no-right-on-red signs, keep my inspection and registration stickers up-to-date, and fix that busted taillight.

I have gotten speeding tickets, warnings for cruising through no-right-on-reds, and a citation for an expired registration that left me stranded on the side of I-95, prohibited from driving my car any further. That last one was before mobile phones were commonplace; I had to walk a couple of miles along the highway to get to a pay phone. (Confused kids: Google "pay phones". They used to be super-popular!)

None of those things happened less than 20 years ago. Me ridin' dirty means unvacuumed floor mats, or going more than three months without an oil change.

I guess I am just not cut out to be an outlaw.

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Not all -- or maybe most -- people carrying contraband are especially bright. Maybe they've been carrying it around so long that they've forgotten it's there, or maybe like this guy, they ride with someone who either doesn't know or doesn't care.

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Folks, people, contraband?

I'll help. These are scumbag criminals driving around in an unregistered car (illegal plate), with an illegal firearm and ammunition who would have most likely (if not already) used said firearm to shoot or kill someone.

These are the lowest of the low among us. They deserve to be removed from our society for a long, long time.

Make the decision to carry an illegal gun? then pay the price - and that price should be a mandatory ten years.

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its easy to dehumanize them and call them monsters, but at one point in their lives they were innocent kids just like you and I were. that the system we have is incapable of or unwilling to engage in meaningful deterrence or rehabilitation is different.

we can agree that guns, especially stolen ones are bad (Im 100% anti gun myself) and debate back and forth about mandatory sentencing, but literally saying they are "not people" is a dangerous road to go down, friend.

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eye-opening to learn that criminals are bad people and deserve punishment.

Also, that they are dumb. Where *do* you get your insight?

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They break laws. They ignore rules and regulations. They take greater risks vs the 'average' person. This is one reason why law enforcement watch out for things like minor traffic violations in neighborhoods with gang issues and high levels of criminal activity. This includes 'victimless' criminal activity.

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