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Police arrest man they say punched one worker at Harrison Avenue pizza place, smacked another with a gun

Steven Huntley got greedy around 11:30 yesterday morning, police say: An employee at Pizza Stop, 851 Harrison Ave., near Massachusetts Avenue, gave him a slice of pizza even though he didn't have enough money, but then Huntley started asking other customers for spare change and demanding more food.

When workers asked him to leave, he punched one worker in the head and then whipped out a gun and smacked a second worker in the head with it before running out, police say.

Police report:

The victim stated the suspect began asking customers inside of the store for spare change before demanding additional food items from the victim. The victim stated he approached the suspect and asked him to leave the store due to his behavior. The victim stated at this time, the suspect attacked the victim, punching him in the head. An additional staff member attempted to break up the altercation between the victim and the suspect. The victim stated the suspect then pulled a firearm from his waist and struck the intervening employee in the head. Eventually the victims were able to remove the suspect from the store. The victim stated the suspect then pointed the firearm at one of the victims before threatening him and fleeing the scene.

Police say officers en route to the scene spotted a guy matching Huntley's description - down to the sweatshirt one of the workers said he managed to rip - a few blocks away, with a group of other men:

Officers observed the male who, upon seeing officers, immediately broke off from a larger group and fled officers in a full sprint. Officers pursued the suspect to the area of 102 Camden Street where he was taken into custody. Upon retracing the suspect’s escape route, officers located Colt Automatic .25 caliber firearm loaded with four live rounds of ammunition as well as the suspect’s discarded ripped sweatshirt.

Huntley was charged with carrying a loaded firearm without a license, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, two counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, two counts of assault and battery and possession of Class E drugs, police say, adding he also turned out to have a warrant out of Suffolk Superior Court for three counts of armed robbery while masked.

Huntley was charged in 2014 with holding up a Lynn Radio Shack with a gun while masked, as well.

Innocent, etc.

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So our judicial system can ignore them as well.
A guy like this, if found guilty should get a long long prison sentence, not a slap on the wrist.

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No money for food but hot damn, he's got that gun! Which I'm sure was obtained the same way his other guns were obtained.

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That requires a prosecution. That is not a given.

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More affective gun laws are needed, but I agree that doesn't mean that the guy in question should get a slap on the wrist instead of a long prison sentence.

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If the Juducal System follows them.
And we all know criminals dont care about gun laws, so we could pass as many as we want and they won't obey them.

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The fact that criminals are able to obtain illegal firearms so easily is precisely why stronger, more affective gun control laws are needed.

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cannot be allowed to live free among the public any longer. he just didn't pull the trigger. he just didn't.

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I used to get a slice at Pizza Stop frequently when I worked a block away. There were a number of times when people came in who were pretty keyed up and the manager (maybe owner - older Greek guy) had to have them leave, always very tense episodes. There are pretty aggressive people in that area. The ladies in front of Rosie's house are very nice and gregarious, and like pizza. The large graffiti messages between the two lovers all around that area on the sidewalk and walls are amazing, recount (phonetically if not orthographically) a dramatic history

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