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Police: Man who's had enough of this crap detains guy upskirting woman at Broadway T stop


Transit Police report arresting Yoa Wong, 27, of Quincy, on charges he used his phone to photograph up a woman's skirt on the escalator at the Broadway Red Line stop yesterday evening.

Wong was so intent on getting a good shot between the women's legs on the up escalator around 7:45 p.m. that he bumped into another man while positioning himself. The man noticed what Wong was up to and:

The witness followed Wong out onto Dorchester Avenue and was able to have someone contact 911 and prevent Wong from leaving until police arrived.

Wong was charged with upskirting, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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From a pun involving nominative determinism.

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Some new terminology today! I'm a chronic logophile, so this is heartening.

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Good job all around, seems like a lot of pervs are riding the rails these days. The Transit Police used to have teams of courageous females decoys riding the system looking for bozos. I hope the teams of undercover females are still riding the system.

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Comments on two stories on the same day:

Guy detains someone he saw sexually assaulting a woman on an escalator: Pun about his name; otherwise crickets.

Woman detains someone who sexually assaulted her on tape: HEY NOW are we sure a citizen's arrest is even legal?! What if the guy was just trying to ask her out?!

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That's about right for UHub and this country in general.

I commented several times on UHub about how a "space saver" or a "dog and their owners have no right to be w/in 500 yards of any open spaces" thread will have 100 comments...sexual assaults on women...eh, barely a blip. Because when it comes down to it we just aren't that important.

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