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Three arrested in Attleboro after car is shot in Dorchester

State Police report somebody fired a shot into a car on Gallivan Boulevard at Washington Street in Dorchester around 2:50 a.m.

The driver of the car with the fresh bullet hole described the shooter's car as a gray BMW with Rhode Island plates - and about 30 minutes later, it showed up on I-95 in Attleboro, State Police say:

With the assistance of Attleboro Police, the vehicle was stopped and three occupants were placed in custody without incident. No weapon was located in the vehicle, however, a large capacity 9mm magazine was found.

State Police did not immediately identify the suspects or the specific crimes they were charged with.

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I'm just curious. For every person who shoots at another person or people in Boston and it's neighborhoods, what's lacking in your life and what would it take in your lives to stop the violence? And there's your answer, politicians, candidates and law enforcement.

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Equal opportunities, better schools, programs, while tracking guns like they do people, things, and animals, and holding the gun manufacturers a percentage of blame.

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$; and more $.

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