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Woman robs South Boston bank once a year; FBI hopes to put an end to that

Photos showing woman wanted for South Boston bank robbery

The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force is looking for a woman who robbed the East Boston Savings Bank branch at 430 West Broadway on Wednesday, about 11 months after she last robbed the same bank branch.

She's described as dark skinned and 5' tall with long, dark hair. On Wednesday, she wore a blue Nike hat, a burgundy scarf and multi-colored gloves.

The task force says she also robbed the branch on March 18 of last year - that time wearing hospital scrubs and a surgical mask:

Wanted for bank robbery

If she looks familiar, contact the task force at 857-386-2567.



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The quality of the security camera photos looks pretty good. Maybe she's not local and isn't recognizable to folks around here, Do banks use exploding dye packs of cash anymore?

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Deployed facial recognition would find her in minutes. We can only wait.

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Rob one bank per year, then live simply off of your take for the year? Pretty much what I'm looking for in a criminal.

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I will definitely be watching the movie I hope gets made from this

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Plus it will have to yield a sequel!

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