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Man stabbed inside Suffolk Superior Courthouse

State Police report a man was stabbed on the second floor of the Suffolk Superior Courthouse in Pemberton Square - where all visitors are supposed to go through metal detectors - shortly before noon.

Male victim transported to MGH with injuries not believed to be life-threatening. 2nd floor is shut down as patrols, detectives, and crime scene services investigate & process scene. No arrests at this time.


State Police report:

Investigation continuing, and suggests that stabbing occurred during an altercation between two groups of youths or young men.

Photo from the scene.



People with badges (attorney, state agencies, etc.) don't have to go through the metal detectors. And I've taken my multitool through the metal detector when I've entered courthouses for non-work purposes and have gone through the metal detector/X-ray (I bike everywhere). They usually ask about it but have never confiscated it.

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A lot of other things could be used to stab somebody.

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It could've been a stylus from someone's Palm Pilot.

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What the heck is a palm pilot?

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I've taken my multitool through the metal detector when I've entered courthouses for non-work purposes...

Really? They wouldn't even let me into Suffolk Superior Courthouse (for jury duty selection) with the world's smallest Swiss Army knife on my keychain, which I never thought of as a weapon. It's tiny even for nail-file purposes; I could do more damage with my keys that they didn't complain about, or with my fists or foot for that matter. I had to hide the "knife" in the dirt outside before they'd let me in, and had a hell of a time finding it later.

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This courthouse wouldn't let me in with a metal fork when I was a juror...

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I was told by an airport security worker once that one can do a heck of a lot of damage with a pencil or pen. Good luck in banning writing implements, though.

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after 911 i used to wonder about CDs. break one of those in half and you can do damage.

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There is a coffee stand in the second floor

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Are the crime statistics in the city of Boston accurate ?
Crimes that happen on state property and DCR property are not counted
Crimes that happen on the MBTA are not counted
Crimes that happen on Federal Property are not counted
Crimes that happen on Amtrak property are not counted
Crimes that happen at Massport property are not counted
Crimes that happen at the convention authority are not counted
Crimes that happen at Logan Airport are not counted
Crimes that happen on colleges in the city are not counted
Crimes that happen in the schools are not counted

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So your theory is that crime has actually gone up, but it's only happening in elementary schools and on trains and other places where it's not counted? Hmm, I like where you're going with this!

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This was a helpful reminder to me to always listen to the story and even after listening to a story you still have to ask more questions to verify the story that you're listening to.

As far as I'm aware the story was somebody was stabbed. As far as I'm aware no one really know or knew what type of weapon was used to stab somebody.

In 2019 I'm asking myself and everybody else to clarify that you are speculating or that it is factual. We all should learn to hold off on any type of judgments on anything until we have all the facts. Is the basic Foundation of fairness and justice.

I promise to try to live by facts only and not assumptions four 2019.
I hope the victim of the stabbing recovers quickly.

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