Man punched in face and head in South End robbery; now has two steel plates in jaw

WCVB reports that a man walking home from work through the Southwest Corridor Park late Friday was punched repeatedly in the face and head by two men after he refused to just hand over his belongings to them.



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Some people will rob and kill for a few dollars. Be prepared to give up your possessions or risk injury or loss of life at the hands of a low life. You only have one life...value it highly.


3-5 years less time served?

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People rob and kill for a few dollars because THE COURTS don't seem to value the lives of innocent people very much. Criminals get off too lightly for violent offenses. Criminals view the court as a joke without consequences and act accordingly.


As someone who was assaulted on the corridor...

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...couldn't agree more.

Roughly 5 years ago, I witnessed a woman get mugged for her cellphone, in broad daylight. I chased after the assailant, only to learn that his pal had been hiding in an alley. Well the pal chased after both of us, and once I caught the mugger, the pal put a brick upside my head.

Thankfully they were caught, and the bricklayer was charged with (his second offense) A&B with a deadly weapon. Judge really showed him by handing down the $500 cash bail.

The criminal justice system is an insult to the victims of violent crime,


Police problem on the corridor?

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Who is responsible for patrolling the Southwest corridor. BPD says the property is owned by the MBTA. The Transit Police say call the State Police. The State Police tell you at community meetings if you want police patrols call your state rep?



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Suspect description

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