Police: Man used a gun to make a point in an argument in Dorchester

Boston Police report arresting a man they say pointed a gun at his opponent in an argument Wednesday morning.

Police say officers responded around 8 a.m. on Wednesday to Harvard and Esmond streets on a report of a man with a gun:

On arrival, officers located all parties involved still arguing at the corner of Esmond Street and Harvard Street. During the argument, victim stated the suspect, later identified as Desean Clare, 28, retrieved a black firearm from his motor vehicle, threatened him, and then proceeded into his own apartment. Officers located Desean Clare and he was positively identified, placed under arrest and charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.

That evening, police say, detectives returned with a search warrant for Clare's apartment, inside of which they found "a medium sized sentry safe which contained a silver .25 caliber firearm with a black handle, 2 AK 47 magazines, and loose rounds of ammunition."

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That guy sounds like he deserved to get arrested.

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Good for the BPD for doing what was necessary. This guy sounds positively dangerous, and more than likely to seriously injure or kill somebody, especially since he has a gun. It was necessary to arrest and stop him in his tracks before he had a chance to do so.

I’m not sure he is more

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I’m not sure he is more dangerous because he has a gun. A Japanese saw or most anything else can cause more damage than a .25 cal. it can’t pierce a fisbie.

I disagree with you, Patrick Mullaney. Here's why:

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Guns are more dangerous, especially in the hands of mentally unstable people, which the guy in question obviously was. At least with a saw or a knife wound, depending on the area of the body that it's in, at least there's more chance of survival and recovery, depending on the area of the body where the wound was inflicted, and upon the depth of the wound. Also, an assault weapon's ammunition covers a much more expansive area, thus shredding the body, as well, and can kill many more people more quickly.

Where's the AK47? Is it in the neighborhoods?

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Good job to law enforcement and the victim. However my question now is, where is the AK-47 that goes to those recovered magazines. I am certainly highly concerned.

Size matters

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Thank you mplo. Size and location matters, small knives small cuts or punctures, large knives can cause more damage and are used often in male and female DV murders. Location of the wound is paramount, whether by knife or firearm. In this incident the alleged is charged with illegal possession of .25 caliber semi automatic pistol. .25 cal. ammo is notoriously low power, it’s somewhat popular to wound another, rather than murder. If the assailant is caught the punishment is less for A&BDW. Sorry for your Dad 10:31.
No rifle or “assault weapon”was said to have been involved or seized. Also those are AR “Armalite”magazines pictured, not AK-47 mags.

Sure, whether or not a person survives and recovers from

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either a knife-wound, saw-wound, beating, bludgeoning, or even attempted strangulation depends on the depth, intensity and location, but firearms still inflict much heavier damage, and are even more likely to result in an instant death or a permanent maiming.

Also, a bullet travels at 10-20 times the velocity of a foot, a fist, a knife or a saw, and is made of much denser, heavier material, not to mention the fact that a firearm is simply picked up, aimed and fired at their target/victim from a distance, all of which, combined together, cause much, much heavier damage, as well as much more risk of permanent maiming, or instant death.