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Police: Man was walking around Forest Hills T station with a loaded gun and counterfeit money

Transit Police report officers doing the usual after-school presence in the Forest Hills lobby Tuesday afternoon wound up arresting a man who was not at all happy to see them because he had a gun in his pants.

Police said the officers "had their attention drawn" to Isaiah James, 20, of Dorchester, around 2:30 p.m.

Officers approached James and attempted to engage him in conversation based on this encounter, their observations and other contributing factors officers believed James was illegally possessing a firearm. Ultimately James was found to be in possession of a fully loaded 9 millimeter firearm secreted within his pant leg. James was also in possession of several hundred dollars of counterfeit US Currency.

Innocent, etc.



Very lucky that the officers managed the situation with professionalism. At that time of day at Forest Hills with hundreds of schoolkids a desperado with a loaded weapon could have resulted in a tragedy involving innocent kids.

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What's with all these criminals walking around with counterfeit cash lately?

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The streets will tell you it’s kind of of a new classi for young guys 17-23 (in central Dorchester in particular) to be a part of a counterfeit racket. For a time there were a good number of guys into “cracking cards” all while another demographic was executing bank robberies. Think about the Santander robbery in Fields Corner and other bank robberies near Dot Ave...

My guess is due to chip cards, and increased gentrification if northern parts of Dot Ave (more responsive policing), its become easier to counterfeit than crack chip cards or rob well secured/policed banks. You do street deals with the counterfeit and keep a glock if they find out its fake.

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