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Two shot on Morton Street in Mattapan

Update: Suspect in hospital, to be charged upon his release.

One in the hand at the Walgreens, 750 Morton St., around 9:45 p.m., CrimeHub reports.



I have tremendous respect for BPD Commissioner Willie Gross and I believe he and the command staff will address the increase in shootings and gunplay.

Transit Police Chief Kenneth Green, also African-American does a great job.

Far-Liberal "Sanctuary City" politicians like Walsh and Baker (friends) should allow the police to do their academy trained work. Stay out of it!

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I agree and the District Attorneys Office /Judges should do their job and prosecute them. It is there job to enforce the laws that are in place. There are to many repeat offenders walking out of the court houses with a slap on the wrist as punishment.

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Nothing to do with sanctuary cities, everything to do with availability of guns, drugs & neighborhood gang turf wars. BPD pull guns off the streets daily just can't keep up with guns flowing into the city from states with lax gun control. Even though it's a small percentage, diverting kids from the gang life is very challenging.

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Are hard working civil servants who worked their way to the top of their Departments. Chief Green is a shining star at the MBTA keeping crime down and scandal free. The men and women of the Transit Police respect his leadership and they all showed up to the 50th anniversary of the Transit Police last week. The Governors other police departments MSP and Environmental police are collapsing do to overtime scandals, infighting, ticket fixing and other scandals.

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