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Police: Man kept getting out of car to try to rob other motorists stopped in Dorchester traffic

Boston Police report arresting a man on charges that, three times early yesterday, he got out of his car in traffic and tried to rob other drivers at gunpoint.

Police say that Keith Kirk, 27, started out in a red car with an accomplice and went up to another driver around 6:10 a.m. on Beach Street, off Freeport Street, showed a black gun and demanded money - but then got back in his car when the driver refused to give him any.

Five minutes later, Kirk and his accomplice drove up to a man getting into his white Accord a few blocks away on Mill Street and demanded money. When the man ran away, the two hopped into the Accord and drove off.

Around 6:40 a.m., police say, Kirk got out of the Accord, stopped in traffic on Mill Street, between Dorchester Avenue and Atherstone Street, went up to the car stopped behind him, showed a gun and demanded money. The driver refused and, again, Kirk went back to his car and drove off.

Police say that three hours later, Lawrence Police, alerted by a regional radio message from Boston, spotted Kirk in the white Honda he'd been driving and detained him for Boston Police. They also recovered the gun - which turned out to be a BB gun.

Kirk was charged with armed carjacking, multiple counts of assault by means of a dangerous weapon and armed assault to rob, police say.

Innocent, etc



This guy sounds like a complete clown. Must have not looked very threatening for multiple people to just tell him "no, you can't have any money", then he walked away with his tail between his legs.

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thwarted the attack by simply telling the assailant to fuck off. The most effective defense is attitude . .

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That's why especially women need to start giving attitude and fight back and stop taking shit from perverts (i.e., gropers, rapists, abusers, etc.). All women should be armed with pepper spray, knives, guns, crossbows, etc. This city is getting more crowed with undesirables so it only makes sense women should start taking their own stand.

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Yes, women have the right to talk back to perverts ( especially the creeps on the T).
But implying that it just takes attitude to thwart crimes oversimplifies the situation. Hard for people to decipher quickly in a stressful situation if the gun is lethal or not

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Maybe the refusers could tell the gun wasn't lethal. If the perp was holding a serious weapon, he might not have been so accommodating, and the potential victims might have been more.

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Then they've suddenly got an existential dilemma on their hands, with only a few short seconds to make a decision with someone in their face. Once the victim hasn't been cowed and gives them whatever they want - either they are really going to have to actually go thru with the crime, or they can just bail while still trying to protect their pride in the process somehow. I could be wrong, but I think it's almost always the latter when confronted with someone who can both stand their ground and defuse a situation at the same time.

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People kill for miniscule reasons, especially stupid people. You cannot simulate their thought practises accurately. Is there any non-Hollywood-based eveidence for the effectiveness of standing one's ground?

I'm not advocating surrender to every asshole you meet, just questioning your assurance about how well everything will go if you just ignore the gun that's pointing at you and tell the person holding it to go to hell.

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Don't underestimate your power. Weapons don't determine every situation. Nor should they. Street smarts is as much about how to handle human interactions as it is about how to 'defend' ones self.

I've never had a gun pointed in my face. But I've had plenty of situations where I was being tested as to how easy of a mark I might be. And projecting that the person thinking about messing with me might be in for more than they bargained for has caused what might have become some very bad situations to quickly dissipate.

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It's hard to tell without being in the moment, but I think, generally speaking, if a guy came to my window with a gun, and if I couldn't drive off, I'd probably give him something.

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Mill St. isn't anwhere near Dorchester Ave and Atherstone St.

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I noticed that too

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