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Man being booked as Chinatown heroin dealer chomps cop's thumb, police say

Boston Police report a man being booked following his arrest near the Chinatown Gate yesterday on a charge of possession of heroin with intent to distribute had a charge of assault and battery on a police officer thrown in after, police say, he bit one of the booking officer's thumbs.

"He got too close, so I bit him, James Turner, 31, allegedly explained.

Police say Turner was also charged with trafficking crack after officers found another plastic bag, about the size of a golf ball, containing the stuff on him at booking.

Police added that Turner didn't make his arrest particularly easy, either - they say that when he was cornered by drug-unit officers in the park, after they spotted him "twirling a plastic bag containing what officers believed to be illegal drugs," he tried to get rid of the evidence by swallowing it, only he dropped one of the smaller bags inside the larger one and he still had a second bag in his hand, which provided more than enough proof to charge him, police say.

Innocent, etc.?


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Been hungry.

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"He got too close, so I bit him, James Turner, 31, allegedly explained.

wow, just brilliant reasoning

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I'm in shock that police actually took notice of anything going on in that area. I walk down Beach St from the Gate everyday during the week to go home from work around 5:00 PM. In the last month alone I have seen:

- Two blatant drug deals

- One instance of someone smoking a crack pipe in a doorway

- At least two or three near-fights, in which one had a person yelling about how he was owed respect and his money or else he'd shoot the other guy in the head like he's done before. It's always about drug money. How do I know? They're not exactly discreet about it.

Not once have I seen a cop and not once has anyone in the area seemed to give a damn about what is going on around them.

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The crack smoke in your face? If no, what do you care that somebody was smoking a crack pipe in a doorway?

As for "two blatant drug deals", replace "drug" with any other consumer product, and then take note of how silly that sounds. When I buy milk, it's not a "blatant milk deal", it's "I purchased milk." The only difference is that the state wants to lock you in a cage for having one of those things.

As for the shooting threat, that guy is clearly an idiot. ***SPOILER ALERT***

Gus Fring threatened to kill Walt's family without actually doing it. That's why he ate it.

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Gets cops hurt and/or killed.

End it.

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I appreciate hyperbole but arresting someone who is selling heroin in a neighborhood - families live in Chinatown - isn’t exactly war on drugs type stuff. They weren’t sending the swat team through your local weed dealers door. I don’t live in Chinatown and don’t commute that way but I’m sure the residents and pedestrians there don’t want someone setting up shop and selling heroin over there.

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You don't say. Next, you'll tell me that there's Chinese food restaurants in Chinatown.

Hope that cop is well-paid at the expense of these naive families to get bitten. The heroin is getting sold. Either this guy will do it, or somebody else will do it.

I certainly hope that the common act of raising children does not shroud one's judgment as to not recognize the futility of war.

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