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Police: Man started to rob a Downtown Crossing bank, but then he saw the security guard headed his way

Boston Police report arresting Edward Tarencz, 30, on a charge of unarmed bank robbery for an incident yesterday at the TD Bank branch at 24 Winter St.

Police say Tarencz waked into the bank shortly after noon and gave a note to a teller demanding money.

According to bank employees, at no time did the suspect display or show a weapon. When the teller saw the note, she alerted the bank’s in-house security guard. When the security guard approached the suspect, the suspect exited the bank.

Tarencz was, as they say, known to police, and was known to frequent a particular spot downtown; when officers arrived there, they spotted him and detained him so that other officers could bring a bank employee down to ID him, police say.

Innocent, etc.



A security guard! Who would have thought that such a personage inside a bank might deter bank robbers! Not only that, it provides a JOB to someone! What'll they think of next?


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the presence of a security guard might cause the robber to start shooting the guard, employees, and customers.

Just give the robber some money and a dye pack, and get them to walk out quickly and quietly. The police can handle them somewhere without anyone getting shot.

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The small percentage of bank robbers who actually have guns, only rob banks that don't have armed security guards. Half ass junkies (probably 90% of all bank robbers I've seen in MA) don't use guns and don't have much common sense.

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So that he could buy a vowel.

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