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Woman charged with punching T bus driver in the face because he wouldn't just pull over between stops


Transit Police report arresting a Cambridge woman they say punched a driver in the face when he wouldn't let her off in the middle of the street yesterday afternoon.

Police say that around 2:30 p.m., Nicole Delgado, 37, demanded to be let off a bus on Tremont Street, near Bromfield Street downtown, but that the driver demurred, because he's not allowed to make stops just anywhere but that they would shortly be at a stop and she could get off then.

Delgado began to yell at the operator, kick the bus' doors while in motion and then punched the operator directly in his face. The operator activated his emergency lights to summon help.

Delgado was arrested on a charge of assault and battery, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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This is a bad situation she should definitely look into anger management classes. Or stop riding the T

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What happened to the bus driver partitions that the MBTA installed a few years ago to protect drivers from attacks?

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She's my future ex-wife!

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