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Older gents holding up Boston banks

West Roxbury bank suspect

Two photos of the senior robber in West Roxbury.

The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force reports the East Boston Savings Bank branch at 1985 Centre St. in West Roxbury, where the Friendly's used to be, was held up shortly after 4 p.m. on Friday by a man who's gone easy on the Grecian Formula and who demanded money.

The robbery came a couple days before the Santander Bank branch at 75 State St. downtown was held up by another man, described as being about 60.

If the West Roxbury robber looks familiar, contact the task force at 857-386-2422.



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It took me WAY too long to realize this was 2 side-by-side photos...”Hmm, is it just me or are these bank robbers identical twins? Shouldn’t take too long to find them.”

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It does look like one photo of two twins. I should've separated them with a black line or something, but now I'm lazy and just added a caption.

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I somehow feel really sad and sorry for this dude. The face tells you that he's known more than a few hard times. And it's a safe bet that things are going to get much worse, real soon.

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as they should. He's a thief.

If the guy had any brains or schooling he'd be stealing somebodies pension fund.

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... a convincing mask.

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Is a Crook, no matter how sad you feel for him. I don't feel bad for him At All. He can be anything he wants to be. I know lost of old folks and they don't commit Felonys, I'm sure he hasn't missed a home opener in 65 years. Extra Peanut & Hot Dog money.

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Could be a young person in stage make-up. Let's see the hands!

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