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Mattapan brothers arrested before on drug charges arrested again on drug charges

Boston Police report arresting Saquan Gorman, 25, and Esau Gorman, 22, Friday afternoon at a Mattapan Square residence on charges of possession of crack with intent to distribute.

Stevan Davis, 37, was also arrested at the residence on a charge of possession of crack with intent to distribute, as well as a charge of possession of heroin, police say.

In 2008, Saquan Davis pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine before he was scheduled to face trial on a more serious charge of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Last year, Davis appealed his plea because it turned out the drugs had been tested by disgraced state chemist Annie Dookhan, but the Massachusetts Appeals Court rejected his request because she hadn't tested the drugs before he agreed to plead guilty.

Saquan Davis was more successful in 2013, when the appeals court tossed his conviction for a Randolph armed home invasion in 2009. Davis was convicted on the legal theory of "joint venture" because one of the other two men had a gun, but the appeals court ruled the judge had failed to instruct the jury to consider whether Davis knew the guy was armed - a key part of a "joint venture" conviction in such a case.

Esau Gorman was arrested last May on charges he and a pal were selling cocaine in Mattapan Square that they stored in a SpongeBob SquarePants backpack.

Innocent, etc.

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As an old officer once told me, "thank God for crime." Keeping police, lawyers, judges, court officers, correction officers and many others employed. Nice that one of these suspects was released on appeal from a gun case. Be careful out there.

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We have the toughest laws in the nation!
/the legislature smugly

5 minutes after a political patronage goon playing dress up as a judge scrawled a dubious ruling in crayon letting well known ThugMcThugface out to terrorize again....

But we need more laws! /legislature responding to angry constituents

5 months later when the jails are full of repeat offenders and the courts might have to put work in on Fridays.

But we need criminal justice reform!

/legislature bailing their crony judges for more important things like afternoon golf

I wish I was kidding.

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I wonder what they'll get arrested for next!

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