Quincy man admits he robbed banks in South Boston, Dorchester


Kyle Nathan, 28, yesterday pleaded guilty to robbing four eastern-Massachusetts banks last year, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

Among the banks: The East Boston Savings Bank branch at 430 West Broadway in South Boston, where Nathan got $4,500 on Feb. 27, 2016 (and where the photo on the right was taken), and the East Boston Savings Bank branch at 489 Gallivan Blvd. in Dorchester, where he made off with $2,010 on March 8, 2016.

He also admitted robbing two banks in Chelmsford. The second robbery proved to be his undoing - after taking a cab to the bank from Nashua, NH, he held up a Citizens Bank branch in a Stop & Shop at gunpoint, was pursued outside by a customer, had a dye pack explode on him and got caught at the Lowell train station.

Nathan is scheduled for sentencing on July 12. He faces up to 20 years in prison.



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A bit more than that

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Sorry for being parochial - I didn't include the amounts from the Chelmsford robberies. That was another $13,000 (yep, he really made out with one of them).

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Another story

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A friend recently told me about a guy who used to work with her ex at a tech company. The guy made OK money but had a new wife who was a real spender. To pay for her demands he used to rob banks after work. Just enough to pay the bills. He got caught on the 4th one and went to Concord for 8 years.

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Cool Story, Bro

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He HAD to rob banks because of a woman!

I think I heard that same story in 1988 from a coworker.

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