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South Boston bank robbed

The East Boston Savings Bank branch at 708 East Broadway was held up around 9:30 a.m.

The branch was also held up on March 4.



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Southie and Eastie have always been traditional rivals.


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You're right Suldog, always a rivalry between us. The thing is everyone knows Southie is the best!!

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When the liberal Massachusetts judges keep letting repeat drug offenders off the hook with a CWOF or outright dismissals, more of this can be expected. Universalhub could really put itself on the board as an investigative news service to be respected and feared if it would choose a different Boston courtroom/judge each week and report on the leniant punishments handed out to repeat, and often violent, offenders. Start with Judge Weingarten who recently let a violent gangbanger off the hook and then go over to Southie and sit in on Judge Bolden's cases and see how many frequent flyers he gives a walk to. If you wonder why we have such a revolving door regarding drug offenders, start looking for answers here.

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