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Woman robbed at gunpoint in Dorchester

Shortly after 7 p.m. at Sawyer and Savin Hill avenues by a black woman, stocky, wearing a black mask and a black jacket, who jumped into the passenger seat of a dark sedan.

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That poor woman. She can't go anywhere without being robbed.

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The armed robbery was at gun point
at Bay/Maryland yesterday at about 1:30pm. A victim was robbed of his
phone and wallet. The victim provided a good description of the
suspects and the car they were in. About 45 minutes later the officer
assigned to Savin Hill spotted a car and 3 suspects that patched the
description on Morrissey Blvd. The investigation led to 1 adult male
and 2 juvenile males being arrested for armed robbery.

There was also a similar armed robbery on Tuesday at Sydney and
Romsey. The detectives are investigating to see if this is connected
to yesterday's.

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