Hoodie-wearing robber strikes another Boston bank

The FBI reports it is looking for a guy in a camo hoodie who stuck up the Santander Bank branch at 780 Gallivan Blvd. on Oct. 21 - a few days after he apparently also robbed a bank in East Boston.

The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force says the black man "approached the victim teller and made a verbal demand for money, as well as threatened violence."

In the East Boston case, investigators said he was about 6'2" - and wore a gray hoodie.

If you know a guy with a hoodie collection who's come into some money recently, contact Inspector T. Michael Ahern at 857-294-0659



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That is probably the best and worst place to rob a bank. On the one hand half of BPD and the state police assigned to the Boston area live there. On the other hand, many getaway routes.

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