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They're here!

U-Haul trucks on Allston Street

Colin Moore shows us the scene on the Brighton end of Allston Street this Allston Christmas eve. Meanwhile, we seem to have had our first storrowing, although across the river on Mem. Drive.



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That must be Orthodox Allston Xmas. BC and BU celebrated it last weekend.

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It is the first and September is also big regular renter apartment move.

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Drove through Southie today around lunchtime - East and West Broadway many many U-Hauls, overstuffed cars, double-parking for unpacking, deliveries. Definitely end-of-month and college time!

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Allston Xmas eve is here. Leave a tall boy out for Santa

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Someone said the two days should be renamed "Allston Bedbug Exchange" on Boston reddit. Saw undergrads walking around who seemed pretty oblivious to the risks of bedbugs.

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By the way...
I must have been terribly unobservant, but - when did they change the 311 app?

I went into the app this morning to check status of a 311 ticket I had put in a couple of weeks ago for something. Completely new interface!

Not sure it works very well. It retained my old profile, 'cause it still had my name, but...
History wasn't very accessible. There was no link (well, probably better to say "no link I found in a couple of minutes' searching") to a simple list of my most recent reports. The interface appears to have been upgraded for more map/graphic/location 'oomph', but history appears tied to location? It will pull history for whatever area the map is zoomed in on, which can be useful, but I haven't found "recent" sorting yet.

I was so surprised that I couldn't remember what the report was that I was looking for. I had some idea of the subject, yes - street light, I think - but I could not for the life of me remember where it had been. I checked a few likely areas to zoom-in the map, but couldn't find my report to check status.

So... mixed reviews so far. Maybe at second look the interface will make more sense.

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Even though I had lived in the same place for 20 years in the heart of Brighton, I did enjoy the Great Return, and yeah, some giggling at the poor kids trying to figure out how to navigate the winding streets of Boston.

I won't miss the winters however. I wonder if the return of the Snow Birds down here in Florida is at all similar? (Probably not, since they generally return to the same roosts year after year...)

Have a good Allston Xmas all!

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