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Police seek help finding missing Roxbury girl

Missing girl

Boston Police report they are continuing to search for Nah-Tayleigh Brown, 13, who was last seen the evening of July 29 in the area of Dewey Terrace in Roxbury.

At the time, she was wearing a black shirt and pants and rainbow crocs. Police contacted her by phone, but she refused to come home or provide details as to her location. She is known to spend time in Mattapan.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts can call 911 or detectives at 617-343-4275.


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"she refused to come home or provide details as to her location"

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She may not be being saying that willingly.

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If you didn't know where your child was, and they were either being coerced to be somewhere, or were in such a desperate spot that they ran off and hid and refused any help, would you just be like, oh well?

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although yes, I'm glad that it seems somewhat likely she's a runaway, and has not been kidnapped.

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I can tell you as a juvenile court clinician that there while stranger kidnappings are incredibly rare, nice kids from nice families being coerced into gang-related activity and/or sex trafficking is quite common.

We need to stop passing these situations off as "runaways," which frequently results in decreased resources for finding them, lack of willingness to prosecute the adult men who head up such things, and tendency to blame the children who become involved. "Running away" needs to be limited to situations when there's been an argument at home or similar and caregivers are fairly certain the kid is with grandma or with a nice neighbor family.

We need to trust caregivers who report that they believe their child is not with safe people.

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If a child is not where their guardians know where they are, they're missing, wouldn't you say?

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I hope she is ok.

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