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Dorchester man charged with running red light in Jamaica Plain, then barreling through barricade for parade, injuring two cops

A judge set bail at $5,000 today for a man charged with a series of traffic violations - and for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - after he allegedly drove through a barricade set up for the Puerto Rican Festival parade, sending them flying into officers who had been trying to get him to stop, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Rather than wait for a green light on Green Street at Washington Street, around 12:15 p.m., Jamauree Haygood, 28, drove onto the other side of the street and around the three vehicles in front of him and turned right onto Washington Street against the red, the DA's office reports.

Then, his alleged frustration mounted at Walnut Avenue and Peter Parley Road, where police had set up a barricade to protect participants and bystanders at the Puerto Rican parade, the DA's office reports:

Haygood refused to comply with police commands and instead drove through the barricade. The barricade struck both officers, knocking them to the ground and causing injuries. Both were transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Haygood remained on the scene after the crash and was placed under arrest. The vehicle sustained damage to the front bumper and headlight.

Haygood was charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and reckless driving, the DA's office reports, adding he was also ticketed for a marked-lanes violation and for failure to stop or yield.

Even if he makes bail, the DA's office reports, he will remain behind bars because West Roxbury Municipal Court Judge Steven Key revoked his bail on an earlier, pending case.

Innocent, etc.


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Why does one need to drive through a parade to be to ticketed for a red light violation in this world class city?

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It was likely the "cops got injured" part of the story that gave him a date with the legal system

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Cops refusing to do their job and pull over dangerous drivers got these cops hurt in a way. Drivers feel like they are above the law after years of getting away with whatever they want. The red light this loser ran is directly in front of the police station, just to drive the point home.

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2 cops literally tried to stop him and were injured in the process.

You really hate people, don’t you?

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Had any cop tried to stop him BEFORE this happened (unless, I suppose, this is the first time in his driving career he's ever blown through a stop sign or a red light or put pedestrians at risk, which I guess we must technically consider a possibility though it seems unlikely) and taught him that there just might be consequences to driving like a homicidal schmuck, maybe this incident wouldn't have happened and those 2 cops would have had a peaceful day.

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This was the 30th+ time he has been cited for a motor vehicle infraction over the past 15 years by police officers. Should cops be teaching him in other ways?

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The two injured cops should also be plenty mad at the entire legal system that sent him back out on the road 30+ times after (I guess) extracting a solemn pinky swear that he'd be a better driver next time.

(EDIT: I guess I can sort of understand why cops don't pull people over for red lights and crosswalk violations if the offender will never ever face a consequence and the whole thing is a waste of everyone's time, but I can't help think there's a better way somehow)

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The judicial system and the laws should allow for jailing menacing drivers.

If he was so very reckless with guns he would be behind bars. But using a car to endanger fellow citizens is still seen by laws, law enforcement, and the courts as special protected behavior to be enabled.

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The judicial system should be sharply increasing the consequences of each infraction. Increasing fines, traffic school, community service educating others on the dangers of driving like an asshole, license suspensions, etc.

And traffic laws and their application should make a clearer distinction as to whether a move was reckless and could have really hurt someone vs. just violating a posted sign or marking, so that we're not fining and disenfranchising poor folks who need a car to get to work but aren't generally driving it like a complete asshole.

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At some point, it goes from being a pattern to being a spree. How on earth does the state not take your license after you hit double digits? What reasonable person could argue against a law that says "once you get your tenth moving violation, you never drive again"?

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that cops should be doing a better job using their massive political influence to push for safer streets, including things like harsher penalties for traffic violations. But somehow every time they make a statement about police safety it seems like it has to do with them wanting more and larger guns...

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Why IS he even driving?

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