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Smoots Forever

Wakandans on the Mass. Ave. Bridge

Ben Brophy couldn't help but notice the prominent role the Mass. Ave. Bridge plays in the new "Wakanda Forever" trailer.

Nick Quaranto noticed a lost looking Bilbo, um, Martin Freeman, on the bridge:

Martin Freeman from Wakanda Forever trailer in front of MIT

Wakandans learn DCR has finally taken some serious steps to keep trucks off Memorial Drive:

Road blows up at end of bridge

H/t Chris Devers for coming up with THE only headline that really makes sense for this story.

Other Boston-focused trailers:

Free Guy.
Godzilla, redux.
Godzilla, yeah, they made a lot of trailers.
The Town.
Knight and Day - Tom Cruise wears one of those fake Sox caps you can get on Winter Street.


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But I commend them for at least once not filming on the 4th St. bridge.

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is a MIT student.

I suspect T'Challa also has a MIT degree to add to his many others ...

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mentions m.i.t. througout. i'm assuming cameo.

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(not today)

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Bigger irony is Boston getting Wakanda Forever considering how Wakanda 2 turned out.

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And other cities that feature prominently in films such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles are somehow less racist? Less segregated?

I got bad news for you.

Boston isn’t exceptional here, except that as identifying as generally more educated, liberal, and “enlightened” city we risk ignoring how the long shadow cast by institutional racism continues to impact our community.

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it was a clearly half-baked comment and i’m sure i’m not the only one who’s glad you rethought it

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It's called the Harvard bridge. ain't a local if you don't know that

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Of why it's called the Harvard Bridge.

Yeah, it's officially the Harvard Bridge, but a lot of people also call it the Mass. Ave. Bridge. It's just like us New Yorkers who used to insist on calling Avenue of the Americas Sixth Avenue.

In any case, did you happen to notice how I tagged the story?

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I hope it's not that nonsense about how MIT engineers looked at the plans for the bridge and told them to name it after Harvard. MIT didn't even move to Cambridge until 20 years after the bridge was built.

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So are these the folks who kept throwing the cones off?

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The Wakandans know that orange traffic cones are one of the few defenses against Prince Namor.

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Those foolish nazis in JP should have marched onto the Mass Avenue Bridge and got their butts kicked by the cast of Wakanda Forever. Now that's a movie I would pay to see.

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or is this CGI?

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