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Big bloom on a big hill

Big bloom atop Millennium Park in West Roxbury

There's a fair amount of Queen Anne's Lace along the top of Millennium Park in West Roxbury, but this one, overlooking the marshes that lead to the Charles River, was by far the largest of them all.



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And it is a cousin of the carrot!

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Is blooming plants the scientific name?

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Below is a link to help you identify the difference between Queen Anne's Lace and Poison Hemlock. They look very much the same but all parts of the hemlock are poisonous. If this one is very tall it could be Hemlock. "While Queen Anne's Lace doesn't grow much taller than three feet, poison hemlock can grow to ten feet tall."


Here's information on hemlock poisoning:

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The stem is noticeably hairy.

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But it definitely wasn't tall, so I'm going with Queen Anne's Lace (which I thought it might be, but I've never seen a bloom, or whatever that is, that was so large).

Worst case, all of the plants are on the hill side of the fence at the top of the park, so it's unlikely anybody else would be tempted to eat some, either (but you never know).

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