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Defunct Cleary Square pharmacy to be replaced with function hall

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans by two physical therapists to turn what used to be the Quality RX Pharmacy on River Street near Hyde Park Avenue into a function hall specializing in weddings, graduations and similar events.

Robert Tambi and Vincent Bulega, whose physical-therapy business is just down River, will neither serve food nor alcohol at the 4,200-square-foot location, between Jerusalem Trading and MetroPCS. Instead, people booking the space will have to bring their own food and seek a one-day liquor license from the Boston Licensing Board.

At a hearing today, Tambi added that the two will be installing speakers designed not to annoy any neighboring businesses or residents - patrons will have to use their system and won't be allowed to bring in any Fenway-style speakers.

Because they will only book the place for nighttime events, Tambi said there should be no parking problems - there is on-street parking on the other side of River and in a municipal lot a short walk away.

The board set a closing time of midnight on weekends and 1 a.m. on weekends - and set a follow-up hearing for one year after they open to see how they are fitting in with the neighborhood.


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The new owners must have done their due diligence to confirm demand but this seems like an odd use of the space. Wonder if this is a way to get a storefront church to open in the space?

Voting closed 8