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Two Suffolk students beaten up on the Common by teens, police say

WBZ reports five young teens who were harassing a mother and her child near the Earl of Sandwich beat up two Suffolk students who tried to intervene, around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The attackers were believed to be between 11 and 14.

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This passage blew my mind:

"According to Suffolk University police, the group ranged in age from 11 to 14 years old and they are the same kids responsible for several unprovoked attacks and property damage on the Common and in Downtown Crossing.

One of the students was able to record video of this latest attack and that’s how Boston Police were able to identify the girl who threw the punches. Because of her age she will be summonsed but not formally charged."


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Tossing these kids into juvie and arresting their parents/guardians?

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The widespread belief that criminals (or, apparently, their family members) don’t actually deserve constitutional rights is precisely why America has the world’s highest incarceration rate. Any civilized person would agree that children deserve leniency in the criminal justice system, and that there’s no good reason to even blame the parents, let alone charging them with a (nonexistent) crime. Unfortunately, America is not a civilized country. Lock ‘em up!

See also the post earlier this week where people agreed that it’s good to torture people who rape children. If you think a child rapist merely deserves life in prison (also unconstitutional) then you must support raping children!

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Contributing to the delinquency of a minor:

Any person who shall be found to have caused, induced, abetted, or encouraged or contributed toward the delinquency of a child, or to have acted in any way tending to cause or induce such delinquency, may be punished by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or by imprisonment of not more than one year, or both.

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The idea that any parent of a delinquent is automatically guilty of “encouraging” or “abetting” that delinquency is stupid dishonest. You are of course aware that it’s stupid and dishonest. But you’re not trying to have an intelligent or good-faith conversation. You’re just looking for an excuse to oppress somebody.

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even adults. You don't get "charged" until a clerk decides there was enough PC to charge the person.

And the 11 year old could have murdered the students and by law (criminal justice reform bill of 2018) you wouldn't have been able to charge them. And they don't get a PC hearing either.

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I took the "summonsed not charged" to mean that she is not in custody, but will be expected to appear in court at some point in the future. I hope I'm wrong, but if the alleged perpetrator of a violent assault and battery isn't arrested, charged, and jailed at least until a bail hearing, there's a serious problem.

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I'll tell you that right now. (Unless one of them escaped from a DYS facility or something like that).

And I doubt they were "summonsed", that technically means they will be arraigned. Still have to have a hearing in front of a clerk first. I'd guess there is a 10% chance these kids will be arraigned.

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You can do whatever you want if you're a kid.

Don't tell the kids that.

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To the actions of these miscreants, there will be zero change to their behavior. If anything, I can see them becoming even more brazen and violent if they understand there is no punishment forthcoming.

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The city has been trying to be by the book with everything to handle this (they've reached out to parents), but as far as I know the District Attorney -- Kevin Hayden -- isn't pushing to press charges. So even when the police show up to try to handle it, they end up having to let the kids go.

As far as I know, one of the kids doing a lot of the dirty work (and from many accounts, armed with a knife) is only 11, and legally there's almost nothing that can be done to kids under the age of 12 unless the DA pushes to make an exception.

Right now it's on the DA's plate to ensure no more bystanders -- or the kids -- get hurt.

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The law is the law. 11 year olds cannot be charged with crimes. Charging them would be against the law.

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They can't. 11 year olds legally cannot be charged with a crime.

Now, why there isn't a DCF ticket being opened post-haste, to investigate what kind of nightmare scenario is going on at home that's allowing this, and why the state isn't taking this child and locking them up somewhere in a therapeutic institution where the behavior can be at least controlled if not treated, that is a mystery. At the very least what we have here is a severe failure of parenting, and at most, something much more serious like untreated attachment disorder/bipolar/future personality disorder, and the child needs to be removed and put somewhere for his/her own safety and society's well being.

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Many of these kids that are acting out like this have been convinced by their peers that due to their age they will get away with it until caught. They are out to express their dominance and prove it. This is a sad commentary on how these kids have been brought up, both at the family level and by society as a whole.

Some of these kids may need long-term counseling to get at the root of what is causing this. And of course we need to accept that some may not be able to be rehabilitated.

In any event, at some point, they are going to engage the wrong person and likely get hurt or killed. Then society will blame the victim as they usually do.

Regardless of charges and procedure, we need to get these kids off the street, sequestered somehow, and try to fix them. Letting them go so they re-offend within a few days time as has been reported in the news for some of these kids says that the cannot comprehend that what they did was wrong.

Worse... maybe they don't care and are on a course of self-destruction.

In any event, we need to get them off the streets so no one else is harmed. That is the obligation we have at the very least. If not then our system is no longer functional and its every man and woman for themselves, and that will just breaks the system down further.

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"According to Suffolk University police, the group ranged in age from 11 to 14 years old and they are the same kids responsible for several unprovoked attacks and property damage on the Common and in Downtown Crossing."

They also attacked the workers at a McDonald's on Warren St Sunday night.

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Neither is wrong.

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Attack on Woman with Braids in Downtown Crossing:

Attack on Wasghinton St. McDonald's and 81-year old man:

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If by 'Lede,' you mean 'and not Lead,' then you are just wrong, and need to educated yourself. Lede has, and is now being used, so linguists would say that by definition it can't be 'wrong,' but the thing itself is, in fact, a 'lead.' In journalism books from throughout the 20th century, it was 'lead.' 'Lede' is an inside baseball term for typesetters in the newspaper business, but the use of the term in public writing (including that of journalists) is more affectation than anything else.
Recommended reading: https://www.poynter.org/reporting-editing/2019/lead-vs-lede-roy-peter-cl...

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And another woman in Downtown Crossing (who, IIRC, had the temerity to wear her hair in braids, or at least that's one of the things they screamed at her about while they beat her up), and an elderly man in the Downtown Crossing Mickey D's. The BPD is apparently going to have more officers patrolling, but is anything else being done about what sounds like a middle-school girl gang? (I know there have been a few boys here and there, but the ringleader, along with most of the others, is a girl.) They're going to end up killing someone at the rate they're going.

I agree that laws involving juveniles need to reflect their relative lack of maturity and comprehension; kids may want to act "all grown up," but mentally and emotionally they're not. OTOH, it sounds as if this group is running amok causing property damage and hurting multiple people just because they can, or think they can. Kids, just like adults, will push rules as far as they can just to see what they can get away with, so who can legally put a stop to this before the inevitable tragedy*, and how?

(*Not that the assaults that they've already committed aren't tragic enough, but I'm thinking in terms of deaths, not injuries. Someone will end up dead, probably from hitting their head on the sidewalk after being punched, and then what?)

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following the example set by the American right wing. Why would you expect otherwise? Sure, their parents, if they have any, deserve to be addressed. But for the most part we all have succumbed to our media being a 24/7 cesspool of psychosis. Why would kids act differently?

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Video up anywhere ?

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I can hardly wait for Stephen Kings next novel 'Children of the Common.'

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Thinks that not having consequences for kids is a good idea? These policies that allow kids to run free while committing crimes is not going to make them suddenly become better adults. They’ve been trained that they can get away with whatever they want and will continue to escalate their aggressions. Lives rarely get turned around without proper intervention. By the time they are old enough to go to jail, it is usually too late, and even then they still don’t face actual consequences, depending on the crime.

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To answer one of the comments I know for a fact these kids r not locked up one of them attends my child's school and beats up students everyday. Principle saying that there are procedures and they can't just throw her out my response is why not her and her goons have literally had 5 more fights where they pummel kids and then record u ask ask where a parent is and there response is her mom is a substance abuser and sum feel bad for these kids but not I these kids r a menace and something needs to be done make an example out of atleast one and yes I'm for charging parents if can constantly pick ur child up from the police station u can attend a conversation at school. Why hasn't a 51a been filed for neglect they know wat there children are doing u can't handle then they need to be taken away period.

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Is our system capable of dealing with any issues? We need to pull it togethrr..

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