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After two seasons, baseball is back on Baker Street in West Roxbury

Parkway Hippos parade

The rain held off today for the return of the Parkway Little League's opening tradition - the parade from Roslindale to the league's main field off Baker Street in West Roxbury.

Parkway Giants
Parkway Pirates

The teams file into Praught Field:

Praught Field

Richie Gormley, who has sponsored a Parkway team for 50 years now, leads the parade down Spring Street:

Richie Gormley on Spring Street

Acting DA Kevin Hayden throws out the first pitch:

Kevin Hayden pitches
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Glad the rain held off long enough.

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: )

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The Parkway Hippos has gotta be one of the greatest team names I've ever seen and I don't even know why.

Much better than the little league team I was on... the Chelsea Angles. We didn't love math, and apparently English wasn't our territory either since we were supposed to be the Chelsea Angels lol

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but throwing out the first pitch takes a special brand of courage.

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