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Dr. Paul Farmer, global health champion, dies at 62

Paul Farmer

NPR reports the death of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Harvard Medical School professor and co-founder of the Boston-based Partners in Health died in his sleep while in Rwanda.

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It can be stated, without reservation or exaggeration, that this good man truly changed the world for the better, in so many ways. RIP, Dr. Farmer.

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He changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of lives for the better in his too short life. The most uncynical man I ever met. What a terrible loss in this incredibly bleak winter. I hope he inspires us to work harder.

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Tracy Kidder’s book Mountains beyond Mountains (2003) is an epic biography of Farmer’s life and work as a public health trailblazer. The antivaccine crusaders would do themselves and everyone else a favor by checking it out.

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After reading all about Dr. Farmer's life, all that he has done to help people, I feel like such a slug.

As I get older and read about people like Dr. Farmer dying, I'm disappointed I never got to meet them.

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You can still do good. Not doubt you already have done. You don’t need to be famous for it.

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We always need people with a lot of money who can write a big check to help the poorest and sickest. What we need more of are guys like Dr Farmer who made DOING the work his life's goal. I bet he would have been the Jimmy Carter of Public Health, still doing this deep into his old age. It's a terrible shame to lose him so young.

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