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You'd almost think we live in Snowsqualmie, WA

Snow coming down in Dorchester

In Dorchester, Jay Kenney watched the snow squall that quickly moved through Boston around 5:45 p.m.

David Palomares also watched the snow in Dorchester:

Eileen Murphy watched the snow in South Boston:

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You live in Boston, it snows in Boston in the winter, relax, enjoy. Oh, and don't forget to keep those sidewalks clear.

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No one wasn't "relaxed". If you were awake and looking out the window at the time, it was quite something to watch. That's all anyone was saying.

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That squall was really something - my wife and I were driving up 93 north just south of Boston when it hit - sky was pitch black to the west where it was a glorious sunset a few minutes earlier - sky to the east was completely clear. When the snow came down, traffic almost came to a standstill.

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That was a real surprise. Literally 5 minutes before I was enjoying a smoke outside waiting for a Chinese food delivery under clear skies. Went back inside the doorbell rings, and the delivery guy is standing on my porch with what looked like a blizzard behind him.

It's true what they say about Boston. "If you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes".

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