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Northeastern ending mandatory weekly Covid-19 testing

Starting March 1, Northeastern University will still make testing available to students and staff, but people without any symptoms will only have to take a test if they feel like it, the school announced today. Along with that, the university will be dropping its Covid-19 dashboard.


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According to their public tracker, case numbers are still pretty high. The disparity between the MWRA data and the positivity rate at Universities that test everyone is odd. When the MWRA data was equally low over the summer, so was the case counts at places that test everyone.

From the same NEU data it looks like no one is hospitalized and everyone is vaxxed and boosted so the immediate risk to people is low irrespective of testing. Not that they'd try this, but it would be interesting for them to lift their mask mandate but keep the testing in place just to see if there's any change. (As in, is their mask mandate doing anything to stop the spread or hospitalizations.)

Practically speaking, C19 will become endemic when the authorities stop collecting or publishing real time data.

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... the school.

What did the school do?!
No more cliffhangers, Adam because you already have me hooked!

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Sorry about that. Fixed now.

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Positivity rate among students has risen to around 5%... even as Tufts is dropping to once-a-week (individual!) testing. Very weird choice. I don't understand why they don't keep it at twice weekly and pooled.

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