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Election roundup: Time to get your votes in; Janey hits Essaibi George on evictions

Voting for the preliminary election started yesterday. The city has all the details on where and how to vote early, if you don't want to do the more traditional Sept. 14 thing. You'll be whittling down the field of candidates for mayor and district city councilors to two each, and the field of candidates for the four at-large council seats to eight.

Kim Janey was on WCVB's "On the Record" this morning, and she had some words about Annissa Essaibi George and her landlord husband on the subject of Janey's Covid-19-related eviction moratorium (Janey may have elided a bit, though, since she accused Essaibi George of "having a track record of evicting tenants," when it's her husband who's the landlord, not her).

Speaking of Janey, state figures show she's leading the pack in fundraising, although not by much:

Chart showing contributions to the five main candidates for mayor

For what it's worth, sixth candidate Robert Capucci has raised $51,710 this year (there's a seventh candidate, but he doesn't seem to have raised anything).

The shutdown of a Mass-and-Cass comfort station has the candidates talking.

The Dorchester Reporter reports that Hyde Park gas station/auto repair shop owner Elias Akiki really likes Essaibi George: He has 16 companies and each has given the maximum $1,000 to a super PAC that is backing her. He's also donated directly to Essaibi George's campaign (and before that, to Jon Santiago's).

State Rep. Kevin Honan (Allston) endorsed Essaibi George:

From fighting to expand mental health resources in Boston Public Schools to uplifting our small businesses to tackling the citywide opioid epidemic and homelessness crisis, Annissa has governed with Boston’s families and residents in mind since her first days on the City Council. I know she’ll bring that same advocacy to the Mayor’s Office.

Progressive WRox/Roz is endorsing Wu for mayor, Hicks for District 6 (West Roxbury, JP) city councilor and Mejia, Halbert and Louijeune for at-large council seats. Also Arroyo for District 5 (Roslindale, Hyde Park, Mattapan), although since he only has one challenger, he'll be on the ballot in November anyway.


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My vote is going to the one with guts to take a had-enough attitude toward the drug problem which fuels all the crime and violence and murders in our city. As a recovered addict and alcoholic who can't stand the failed enabling situation, I can say it's now the only way. Fuck the disease.

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Ditto, if any mayoral candidates or campaign staff are listening I honestly don't care about anything other than fixing Mass and Cass. You can tell me you're raise my taxes and going to punch my mom in the face but promise it will fix the problem and you have my vote. The problem is expanding, I cant walk through a park in the south end without stepping over trash and needles. It's untenable and it's spilling over. The corridor is turning into skid row with people camping out, openly shooting up, dealing etc. They leave piles of litter everywhere, tearing open residential trash looking for cans or whatever leaving garbage all over the sidewalks which is increasing the rodent problem. Any package I get delivered is stolen within 5 minutes if I don't go right down the second it's delivered. I can usually find the boxes among the litter in various parks around the neighborhood. It needs to solved its been over a decade and getting worse exponentially. Figure it out.

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Doug George may have filed evictions over the years, but he is an investor/developer. It would be difficult to find a person in that business who has not been in the Housing Court. When tenants fail to pay without justification, or otherwise violate the terms of the tenancy, that is where the owner goes for relief. No one seems to complain when people in any other business file suit to collect money which they are owed, or to enforce their rights under a contract. Even the BHA files evictions.

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Is downright destitute add that is the bulk of her campaign.

but yeah-everyone has been slinging mud on Kim Janey since May so it seems ridiculous to characterize her as “mud slinging” in her first criticism of an oppebent in her entire campaign.....after months of ignoring attacks.

The most recent poll had her inc second andshe leads in fundraising why would she be any more “desperate” than any candidate not named Wu?

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Because I'm not doing mask mandate Janey, the Campbell crime family, private property-hating Wu, or bootlicker AEG.

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