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Election roundup: Sheriff backs Wu; Yancey backs Janey

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins has hopped back on the Wu train. Tompkins, who has backed Wu in her council races and who worked together for Elizabeth Warren, said:

With her tireless advocacy for more addiction recovery treatment and services for people struggling with mental illness, fair and equitable public transportation, housing that is truly affordable, public safety, access to quality education, and work on a host of other quality-of-life issues that are important to the residents, businesses and agencies of Boston, I am both incredibly proud to be able to give my support to Michelle and supremely confident in her ability to bring this city to its next level of greatness.

Charles Yancey endorsed Kim Janey. We suppose a Campbell endorsement was never in the cards.

Annissa Essaibi George has a TV ad:

WBUR reports on mayoral candidates' positions on climate change.

NBC Boston provides basic bio info on the candidates. The Bay State Banner provides a similar guide, but also with background on City Council candidates.

The the Ward 11 and 19 Democratic Committees are sponsoring an online forum tonight for the three candidates running to replace Matt O'Malley in District 6 (JP, West Roxbury, Mission Hill): Winnie Eke, Mary Tamer and Kendra Hicks. Starts at 7 p.m.; free registration required.


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Huge pick up for Michelle.

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Does it mean we won't defund the sheriff's office? What do they even do that's not covered by other agencies?

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like "reckon" and "mosey?"

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Are you getting a free ride too?

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Lot of big words to read there but I believe you'll get through.

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Ok, so beyond meeting and exceeding, what else do they do that's not covered by numerous police forces, and the feds?

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Those are pretty important and are not covered by local police or the federal government. I'm going to make you guess where they are.

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13 years as a teacher and never did you get the proper license



“For all kids” but heres my kids, and I want fewer black and Latino kids in exam schools….

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Just like all of BPS leadership

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But haven’t heard Yancey’s name in quite awhile.

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