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Citizen complaint of the day: Time to fish all those wheelchairs out of Fort Point Channel

Dumped wheelchairs

A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint about all the wheelchairs, bicycles and shopping carts getting dumped into the Fort Point Channel by the Jimmy Kelly Bridge.

What is the department responsible for clearing discarded wheelchairs shopping carts and bicycles, etc. thrown out at the 4th Street Park on the South Bay Harbor Trail Boston has developed? They're just getting dumped into Fort Point Channel.

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on the Boston Proper side of the bridge. They must be swapping the old ones out for newer models.

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to imagine that the magical healing powers of that water make the wheelchairs unnecessary.

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Lourdes Point Channel?

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That's not so great!

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Oh when the tide is very low.. I see more stuff in the channel.

Not just wheel chairs. but Bikes.. lots of Lime Bikes. I think more people threw those into the channel than we did Tea in 1776.

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I always thought that the Fort Point Channel ended right where the Gillette building is. I didn't know it still extended a bit further into across the way from Ink Block. I learned something new today.

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Gee, how does something like this happen?

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You've got to understand, if you're the Fort Point Channel, wheelchairs are going to land in you.

There was that English comedian from the 70s who said there must be a society that ensures every stream in the country contains a rusty bed frame. And they have a Ladies Auxiliary that puts a shopping trolley in every brook.

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The true townies of Southie play Wheel of Fortune, sometimes with Aunt Peggy seated in the chair, other times, they leave her in the car to watch

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