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Sullivan Square full of trash after trailer tips over

Spilled trash at Main Street

Gary Waldeck surveys the proof that tractor-trailer drivers should go pretty slow around the rotary at Main Street.


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bUt ThE ciTy iS dEpeNdeNt oN LaRgE tRuCks!!

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But I’m dying to hear of a way to most waste via bicycles.

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But it immediately made me think of the smaller trucks I've seen picking up neighborhood trash collectors in Seville and some other cities:


Its not bikes because well, yeah, I do see the point about the inability of bikes tackling this task but it is from a Not Just Bikes channel!

And certainly not a solution to industrial waste or construction sites but hey, its something to strive for I think.

Anyway, hope you are well!

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Eventually smaller collectors would have to aggregate their trash into larger vehicles. Heck, this truck was probably holding the contents of at least 4, smaller, garbage trucks.

Now, if this truck was driving through Charlestown collecting from residents, the original poster would have had a very valid point, but it wasn’t, so the point wasn’t.

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In fact, there's a decent chance that the truck was going to or from the waste systems company in the nearby industrial park, next to Costa Fruit & Produce.
Now... if somebody wants to reactivate the spur railroad line between the Mystic River and the commuter rail yard and move this stuff on trains/barges, I'm all ears. Until then, however, somewhat sizable trucks in an industrial area and connecting to a truck-rated interstate highway are the way to go.

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But I’m dying to hear of a way to most waste via bicycles.

I forgot that bicycles and tractor-trailers are the only kind of vehicles that exist.

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Funny that all the fans of giant oversized vehicles on city streets have nothing to say.

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Not a fan of this intersection at all but it sucks. It royally sucks.

Even the actual **rotary** curve is too tight. I rent small cars and I can feel how tight the curve is.

Then you have cars weaving in and out, and trying to change lanes.

It sucks.

Yeah he probably was going to fast, but its hard not to when you need to gun out of an intersection and into the rotary because there's not a break in the rotary traffic.

PS - This intersection just sucks.

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They have done a lot of work here, and the lights are timed with a gap to let Main St. traffic exit.

Still sucks, but much safer for people not in cars for certain.

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Both as a driver and a pedestrian.

And Cybah is 100% right, it just plain sucks. It's going to be even worse once they eliminate the underpass for Rutherford Ave. to Alford St.

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Yeah Moe, that team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked. I've seen teams suck before but their were the suckest bunch of sucks who ever sucked!

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Why are they removing the underpass?

They removed the overpass from Alford towards Home Depot/93 about 20 years ago. As a result, they had to widen the surface roads. It's certainly not more pleasant for anyone, in vehicles or on foot.

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… and endangering people and property. If that’s what the driver was doing. Could also have been texting or under the influence.

Last time I was there, new infrastructure had slowed traffic somewhat. I’ll be interested to hear more details.

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Sullivan Square is the only way to get on 93 from much of the region, including a lot of industrial areas. Keeping trucks out of Sullivan Square would necessitate rerouting them into neighborhoods from some places, and wouldn't even be physically possible from some other places because the only roads feed through Sullivan. If anywhere needs to accommodate trucks, it's here.

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… in city neighborhoods. Then clearly they don’t need to be on Sullivan Square or any other entry point.

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Sullivan Sq. is where a large number of roads meet, and several of those roads (Alford, Rutherford, Cambridge/Washington, Mystic, Medford) are the primary access routes for industrial and commercial areas. The north side of the Mystic in Everett & Chelsea (as well as a tiny bit of Boston) is heavily industrial and Alford St./Rt. 99 is a connection between that area and I-93.

Did you know that the hazardous cargo route to/through Boston runs through Sullivan Sq. and on Rutherford Ave. because those cargoes are prohibited from the tunnels? I know, ZOMG won't somebody think of the children?!?!?!?!?!

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Had to do something, a storrow was out of the question.

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