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Spilling some hot T on Causeway Street

Formerly flaming T at Tavern in the Square

Rob Baird watched this morning as firefighters doused the flaming T that used to help spell out "Tavern in the Square."

Firefighters didn't just spray water on the burning letter, though. They also checked to make sure the fire hadn't spread to the rest of the alphabet, as a roving UHub photographer shows us:

Making sure the fire is out

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I'm happy it was isolated to just the T... I kind of like the look with a Cajun style T, makes it look more edgy.

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There should be a recall on the letters A to Z they may pose a serious problem for business’s that have them hanging on their buildings.

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And it'd be the perfect description of our local mass transit.

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For Tavern in the Square, it appears that the firefighters performed a mastectomy.

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I came here to say something witty, but I see you already did so.

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They could open a whole new chain of "averns" now. Or maybe a place called "The Flaming T."

The movie theatre on Tremont by the Common that used to be a Loews back in the day, was missing a letter for a while, and the sign read "Loewe's The tres." (But I don't know where the uno and dos theatres were.)

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Finally, a restaurant trying to draw in that very lucrative Book of the New Sun scene.

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They also checked to make sure the fire hadn't spread to the rest of the alphabet

So you are saying that BFD does things to the letter.

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To a T...

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