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JP's Galway House now turns into a milk bar after dark

Don't worry, you can still get harder stuff at the Galway House, it's just that the bar is doing its part to ease the critical late-night milk shortage at its end of Centre Street now that the 7-Eleven there has closed forever:

As you know the 7-11 a couple doors down from us closed, as such it has left a void for after 9 pm options for needed things .So we are now stocking quarts of Hood milk for your convenience ,cost of $1.60 We are the only business open late on Centre st. so it,s here if you need it

Of course, this being JP, one of the first replies to the announcement was a request that the bar stock almond milk as well.

Note: There is a late-night 7-Eleven about a half mile away, at South Huntington Avenue and Centre Street.

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is not my preferred late-night tipple. But if I can get a moloko-plus with vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, I'm in.

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That was a way better "A Clockwork Orange" reference than I dreamed of coming up with @MC Slim JB.

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…request that the bar stock almond milk as well.

Here’s how that will go:

“We now also stock almond milk. And oat milk.”

That’s great. How much is it?

“$4.00 for 64oz.”

Oh, why so much? I can’t afford that. It’s $3.29 at Market Basket in Somerville.

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people living in JP aren't going to Somerville for groceries...but I could be wrong about that.

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I once tried to get my son a glass of milk while we were having dinner at JP Seafood Cafe, but they said they couldn’t serve milk because didn’t have a milk license. Who knew that was even a thing.

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It’s hard for me to imagine a common victualler license that allows a food establishment to serve seafood but not milk. Regulations vary from town to town, but it would be nuts to say we trust you with seafood and shellfish but not milk.

edit: I should say I can believe Homer’s story. It’s possible he was fed a lie, but it’s also possible the person was mistaken and honestly believed what they were saying due to poor training or something lost in translation.

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So, "milk dealers" do need to be licensed, but restaurants selling milk for on-premise consumption are specifically exempted from the regulation...


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I think one example of a “milk dealer” would be something like Sharon’s Crescent Ridge who are milking their own cows and producing milk and ice cream to serve and sell on premise, direct to the consumer. This would be in contrast to me opening an ice cream shop and buying big tubs of ice cream through a reputable distributor, which I suspect I would only need the common victualler. (This can again vary from town to town.)

You would need a different food manufacturer and wholesale state license to sell your milk and ice cream to distributors and grocery stores. You would need an FDA USDA license to wholesale across state borders.

Furthermore, if you are a food truck/mobile cart, you do have to pony up extra $ in Boston so that you can sell milk. I guess the logic being there is no risk in serving a 45F Coke, but you should not be selling 45F chocolate milk and inspectors would have to control for that.

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You are probably correct, but don’t underestimate the hardcore MB base.

I chose the inconvenient Somerville example to illustrate that some people are hard to please and have unreasonable expectations. Galway House is neither trying to be the Centre St Store 24 redux nor are they making money off milk. I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting dairy-free products, but Galway can’t stock everything and Whole Foods and Stop and Shop are open until 10pm, I believe. I don’t know if the local CVSes are open late or have almond milk, but they have cow milk.

Galway is just trying to do something neighborly. It’s nice that they have milk; be happy about it even if you never intend on going there for a quart of milk.

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I lived off Perkins St for a number of years and would bike to the Somerville Market Basket every few weekends. Perfect use for the saddle bags!

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It's not the inconvenience we face that upsets us, but the convenience afforded to others.

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