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Stillness on the water

Stillness in the fog on Boston Harbor

Matt Frank looked toward downtown from East Boston in the fog at sunset today.

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Wonderful capture... like a William Turner seascape.

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was the very first word that came to my mind when I saw that picture, soon followed by Canaletto.

One of the highest forms of praise one can offer to a photograph is to say that it looks like a painting. I don't know why this is true, but it is nearly infallible.

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I never thought of it quite like that -- well said, that is indeed a wonderful compliment to pay a photographer.

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I do appreciate this. It makes me feel better about leaving my expensive gear at home leaving me armed only with an aging Pixel 3 in which to fend for myself lol.

On my Twitter someone else mentioned Turner and posted an image. So I did a search and found another image that was similar. I put them side by side... And I swear I've never seen these paintings before... But it totally looks like I planned it out.

A lot of my nautical shots end up looking like paintings because I'm not afraid of mist and fog and that stuff in the air tends to create some filtering. Like my Tall Ships shot from 2017

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Looks like the view from my husband's office ... when he was in the office.

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60 State Street from a law firms conference room. The partners turned it into a giant green room and invited staff to bring friends and families to view the ships. I was going to do it outside but it was wet that day and my friend invited me. By the time I got there all the good windows were taken and I was a guest so didn't want to try to squeeze in so we took the obstructed window and I figured... Well the building is in the way so let's include it... Turns out it's one of my most popular shots. It was a very Misty day but I was able to pour over each shot am make them work. The windows were tinted brown so that needed to be fixed and the window glare made it so I had to keep the lens right up against the glass lol. The whole series includes some of my favorite shots.

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Thanks for sharing.

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for sharing your beautiful artistry. What a gorgeous photograph!

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This morning an odd low fog came into the harbor islands and settled into Quincy bay….

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