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Citizen complaint of the day: Allston park needs more welcome glow of an angel in the dark of night

A lumen-craving citizen files a 311 complaint about a street light in Ringer Park in Allston:

There were recently new solar lights installed on the Ringer Park path. Most of them shine with the welcome glow of an angel in the dark of night. The light closest to Gordon Street never turned on, however. Please help him shine as bright as his siblings.

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Yes! P-Funk classis dance floor filller! Flashlight never gets old! Thumbs up!

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I've made the ill-advised to decision to walk Ringer at night with the lights functioning in the past- the walkway with the knolls overlooking it created something of a menacing effect that forced me out of there 1st chance I had at Horace Mann

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This is one of the many reasons I love air conditioners in the summer. Shut the blinds, turn the AC, put on your eye mask that says, "Fuck Off!" on, stick your earplugs in, and sleep like a lump on a log!!!

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It's well known that glowing angels are one of the major sources of light pollution today. They're everywhere, brighter than Broadway. You can hardly see the stars any more because of all the goddam angels.

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