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Two more Boston cops plead guilty to Hyde Park overtime fraud, including one who had not previously been identified as part of the scam

The US Attorneys office reports that a former sergeant and an officer pleaded guilty today to their role in the overtime fraud scandal at the Boston Police evidence warehouse on Hyde Park Avenue.

Former Sgt. Gerard O’Brien, 62, of Braintree, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and one count of embezzlement from an agency receiving federal funds. He will be sentenced Oct. 28.

Newly charged today - and immediately agreeing to plead guilty to the same charges: Officer Craig Smalls, 55, of Roxbury.

Smalls brings the number of officers charged in the case to 14 - and the number who have agreed to plead guilty to 6. The court cases began last September, initially with 9 officers charged.

According to the US Attorney's office, O'Brien put in for $25,930 worth of overtime he didn't actually work over three years. Smalls put in for $16,252 worth of unworked overtime over 18 months.



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They are getting them all. Great job.

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More than just a few bad apples.

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If I had a tree that produced this many bad apples, I would chop it down and plant something else.

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Flush the entire department clean.

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