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Paralyzed pet left to die in Peters Park

The Animal Rescue League is looking for whoever left a French bulldogjust outside the dog park in Peters Park in the South End one weekend in late April. A good Samaritan spotted her and brought her to a local vet, who discovered the dog's rear legs were paralyzed and she was dehydrated, had hemorrhaging in one eye and was running a temperature. Vets determined there was nothing they could do and euthanized her to put her out of her misery. While the dog's condition was hereditary, abandoning a dog is a felony in Massachusetts.

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I mean, I of course agree that the humans responsible for this dog should have humanely surrendered her rather than abandoned her, but can we talk about how it is currently completely legal to breed French Bulldogs, which are so inbred they frequently have difficulty breathing, major spinal issues such as this one, congenital glaucoma, require artificial insemination to breed in the first place, and must give birth by c-section? How about some legislation that we stop breeding massively fucked-up dogs?

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Corgis will be next to fill up shelters. They've become the trend breed to own.

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When a breed becomes trendy, there’s an inevitable cycle of sloppy high volume breeding, which leads to unsound dogs, which leads to the breed getting an awful reputation. Corgis are awesome dogs. They’re tough little working dogs: they need a job and attentive training. Getting a corgi because they look cool is likely to end badly.

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French Fry was approximately 3 years old. I hope he had some happy times in that short life before he was abandoned like a broken toy.

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It sounds like some of people who adopted dogs for company while working at home did not have plans for managing the dogs once they went back to the office. We may have a lot of abandoned dogs this fall

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The dog needed to be euthanized. How is it that someone thought abandonment was somehow better?

I've had to take a friend's terminally ill and in pain dog in to be euthanized because they just couldn't bring themselves do it - but at least they let a friend do the right thing.

Somebody has more than a few screws loose.

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