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Former BPD sergeant pleads guilty in Hyde Park overtime scandal

The US Attorney's office reports that George Finch, 59, of Franklin, who formerly worked at the Boston Police evidence warehouse on Hyde Park Avenue, pleaded guilty yesterday to putting in for hours that he never worked.

Finch will be sentenced on Sept. 16 for conspiracy to commit theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and embezzlement from an agency receiving federal funds for his bogus overtime between 2015 and 2019.

Nine current and former officers were indicted last year in connection with the scandal. A captain at the warehouse was indicted in March. The US Attorney's office reports an FBI investigation into the warehouse is continuing.


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It gets you in the end.
These greedy people make a nice living just on basic pay and overtime but it's never enough,
especially when its taxpayers money. Embezzlement happens everywhere but it seems more prevalent in the public sector.

I'm glad he got caught, maybe the culture of these greedheads will change

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