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MSPCA offers reward for capture of Cambridge cat killer, who may have tortured other cats

The MSPCA is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever bound a cat's legs, burned much of his fur off and shot him 11 times with a BB gun.

The society reports that whoever tortured and killed Gosha, found barely alive last Thursday near Hurley and Sciarappa streets, may have also attacked two other cats.

There are striking similarities between the Gosha case and what happened on March 4 to another pet cat from the same East Cambridge neighborhood, as well as a *third* cat named Buddy (pictured) who went missing in early May & returned on May 5 suffering from some kind of burn.

The second cat, whose owners have asked to remain anonymous, was let outside by her owner at approximately 11:30pm on Wednesday, March 3. She returned home at 8:30am the following morning having suffered multiple BB gunshot wounds across her left side...

Her owner filed a report with the Cambridge police department rushed the cat to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston where veterinarians were able to remove some - but not all - of the BBs. The cat survived the ordeal and is now back home with her family.

Tips, which can be called in anonymously, can be left at 800-628-5808.

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For all cat owners whose cats are indoor and outdoor cats. Speaking from experience, they CAN and do adapt to changing as indoor cats only. Neutering will prevent the spraying in your house, cat trees near a window, plenty of catnip and toys to keep their minds stimulated, and clean litterbox make it so much more helpful when training an outdoor cat to become an indoor cat. I hope they catch the asshole who likes ro torture and kill animals. Neigjbors be vigilant. Dog owners stop leaving your dogs outside stores and coffee shops. You never know who will take them.

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We had a cat that we brought indoors when she was around 12 or 13 years old. She yowled at the door for a while, but then she stopped and when on to live to 21 years.

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Dog owners stop leaving your dogs outside stores and coffee shops. You never know who will take them.

I’d like to see some data on the actual incidence of this. (Reminder: an anecdote is not data).

Some years ago, when I was deciding what my practice was going to be concerning leaving my dog outside shops, I called the BPD officer responsible for tracking crime data in my neighborhood, who told me that, yes, there had been one case that made the newspapers, but, other than that, it basically never happened.

Everything has its costs and benefits. Being taken around the neighborhood, with its sights, sounds, smells, and happy interactions with passers by, is the delight of many dogs’ days; their life would be vastly less rich if left at home. Is there a slight risk of theft? Yes. Of course there’s also a risk of theft, death by fire, or unsupervised medical emergency if a dog is left home alone.

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.... people who had their dogs stolen out their yards in JP. One dog was never found. The other ended up being abandoned outside the MSPCA two years later. I guess the people who stole her couldn’t deal anymore with the fact that she wasn’t house trained. She was a neighborhood favorite and everyone was so glad she was home again.

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Cats can often be trained accept a harness and walk on a leash or carried to a quiet park to lounge with you on a lawn. Balconies can be made cat safe with chicken wire. There are many ways cats can get the fresh air and sunshine they need without having to be let loose in areas they aren’t safe.

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Ex roommates cat was trained to use a leash. She loved it.. like a dog does, when the lease was taken off the hanger by the door, she knew and came running. She'd meow up a storm and rub his legs. Then sit all pretty while he put the harness on.

Outside.. she didn't really wanna go far nor dart off. Most of the time it was just a few feet from the front door into the yard. He might take her for a walk around the block but she usually wasn't up for it.

He had another cat who used to be just like this, but after being bitten by a dog, the cat was never the same again. But she also would come up and meow like she wanted to go out, but she'd kill you if you touched her. (that was her thing)

They had 3 other cats (don't ask) and none of them went out. He told me once it was very cat specific and you had to start as kittens. But yeah it can be done.


On a related feline note, I had a friend who built his cat lover wife a "catio". It was huge (a human could stand in there) and built off a window. It was all screened in, had different levels, and protected them from elements (and wildlife.. they live out in the woods). Its the best thing.. the cats love it.

For us city folk, nothing stopping you from doing a much smaller version (say an pop out box from a window) for your kitty. Something like this, but smaller & removable (for you renters). Some sun, fresh air, and view of birds keeps cats occupied for hours.

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Catio, that was the word I was trying to remember...

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I tried using a leash on the current and past cat and they both flopped down and refused to move when I did. The past cat could be "walked", when I had a couple of hours to spare for him to explore each yard, but the resistance to the leash was complete.

The current cat stays in due to rumors of coyotes. She's also old and afraid to go out most of the time. The coyotes aren't here yet - we still have rabbits.

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before he starts on people.

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The start of a serial killer.

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by walking cats on leashes.

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...by walking a Bengal tiger on a lease*. Also works in Miami.

Edit: Yes Per, Bengal tigers can be leased hourly, daily or weekly, but you will pay extra if you go over the allowed mileage. Its really better to own and take the depreciation if you're going to lease more than a few times, resale is strong because the used tiger market is still pretty good, even in this economy, as long as its clean and low miles.

*Houston guy, accused murderer, walking tiger on a leash gets chased by cops.

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How much does it cost to lease a tiger? Is it the same in Houston and Miami?

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Made me laugh.
Did you mean the cats or the cat walkers?

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… thinking that a beloved house pet, a cat, who offers companionship, affection, and amusement and who asks so little in return, should have suffered such a terrifying and painful end, ultimately betrayed by humans. I just don’t know what to make of it, emotionally.

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Unimaginable for the people whose cat it was.

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Yes, unimaginable for Gosha's parents.

I have not been able to forget what I saw on tv when visiting my grandson who is with the US Coast Guard in Gloucester, Massachusetts a few days ago with my daughter, his mother. Such brutality towards a beautiful Tuxedo cat who was loved and cherished and very friendly. Not to mention brave; he hung on to life for as long as he could despite the mindless brutality until he could no longer. What might have been going through his mind?

If only the neighborhood had been alerted by the attacks on two other cats. It is no longer safe in this day and age for your pets to run free. Is the perpetrator or perpetrator someone who lives in the area?

I hope the authorities will be able to catch this rotten person or persons and give them the maximum punishment. Surely the donations will be an incentive to turn someone in.

I am a retired lady of 83 years and live in Pennsylvania. I have alerted the Humane Society and some other organizations to alert their membership about letting pets run free (cats and dogs). My heart breaks for Gosha and his parents every day. It is the saddest thing.

Diana Lauder Sacks

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