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It's true: The early bird gets the worm

Bird and breakfast at Millennium Park

Mary Ellen went out for an early morning walk at Millennium Park in West Roxbury and, spotted, among other things, a young male Northern Parula getting some sustenance (she also saw both a deer and a killdeer, but the latter was, once again, not living up to its name).



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No camera but in the evening yesterday I saw a cormorant fish something (an alewife, perhaps) out of the Charles and gulp it down.

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Herons, cormorants, bald eagles, gulls ... all working the entire run of the Mystic Lakes and Mystic River right now.

Let the Herring Feast Begin!

This is how I know the run has started - particularly with the herons in unusual places.


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Also show up at Jamaica Pond. It's fun during the annual spring trout release to see the smarter cormorants out on the pond going after the new fish, even as they're being released.

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Why was the Neponset herring run disrupted so badly and the Mystic wasn't? Any fish historians on here?

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