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Bukowski Tavern to be replaced by another bar

Boston Restaurant Talk reports on a hearing on the proposed new use for the space left vacant when the Inman Square watering hole closed.

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...I would want bars to exist so much.

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All too often, bar closures are permanent.

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If there's one thing Boston needs, it's more drunkenness

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Then good thing this bar will be in Cambridge.

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This would be way better as a bank branch instead. Or maybe a real estate office.

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Out of the past, to smash up bars with her holy hatchet! Death to Demon Run! The Anti-Saloon League will rise again!

Actually this juxtaposition makes me want to see a hatchet-battle between Carrie Nation and Charles Bukowski to decide the fate of Cambridge Street. I live on Cambridge Street. We're overdue for some excitement.

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The number of spots isn't going down anytime soon, they're just shifting around. Neighborhood bars mean less drunken travel.

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To the People's Republik, Flat Top Johnnies, the Automatic, The Field, The Cantab, The Border Cafe, The Rising, Courtside and that's just in Cambridge...

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but my point is, those liquor licenses will eventually pop back up elsewhere. The total number of licenses in the state isn't going down permanently, so any neoprohibitionist types who think this is a win for them are deluded.

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The issue is that it will be sold by "Big Night Entertainment LLC" and "Acme Restaurant Group, INC" instead of actual neighborhood bars.

I don't want to live in some awful city like Houston or Cleveland or the Seaport where every single bar and restaurant has major corporate backing and zero creativity.

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I went there for the cheap burgers.

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I still think of Bukowski Tavern as that upstart that took over the location of Jae's, when I used to get sushi when I moved to the Inman Square area.

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