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Police charge Fall River man ran amok in Seaport restaurant, crashed car, tried to run away with garbage bags full of marijuana

Boston Police report arresting a Fall River man on a variety of charges last night after he allegedly did a variety of bad things, starting at Ocean Prime Restaurant and ending with him and a pal captured nearly a mile away on Drydock Avenue.

Police say they were summoned to the eatery on the wharf where Anthony Pier 4's parking lot used to be around 6:20 p.m. when Jason Wages, 29, of Fall River, eating with three other people, "began harassing female waitstaff as well as customers:"

Staff members confronted Wages and he head butted an employee and called him a racial slur several times. Wages then head butted a second employee, and spit at a third employee before leaving the establishment. While exiting, Wages threatened to shoot "everyone in the place".

According to witnesses, Wages grabbed his keys from the valet and fled the scene striking a motor vehicle. Several officers responded to the scene and were informed by a witness that there was a motor vehicle crash at 316 Northern Avenue at the Boston Public Works Building. Officers responded and located an unoccupied vehicle that had struck the building and damaged the gas line.

While they were there, a bypasser told police he'd seen two guys running away with two large garbage bags.

Officers located Wages at 22 Drydock Avenue and the second individual was located in the parking garage at 12 Drydock Avenue. Officers located and seized two large garbage bags containing 53 large heat-sealed bags of marijuana as well as $8,600.

Wages was charged with two counts of assault and battery, two counts of leaving the scene of a property-damage crash and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, police say. The other man was interviewed, then released, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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Fall River man giving Florida man a run for his money.

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Technically speaking, Ocean Prime sits just outside of what used to be Anthony’s Pier 4 parking lot, which was accessed just as Northern Ave. curved away from the water.

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Where Gus carried $8,600 to dinner?

Me neither.

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This guy's behavior sounds drug-induced, but with something weirder than pot. (Although if you smoked a trash bag full, you might just lose it too.)

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I'm guessing that the packaging was indicative of quality.

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to be acting like a fool. 6:20pm? Was this an Early Bird Special kinda drug deal?

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i’ve seen several patriots and celtics as well as opposing players when they’re in town. lots of regular people with access to a little bit of money go there for proximity to the a and b-listers. this was probably one of those guys.

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Since when are we going after weed? That guy sounds like a regular Seaport patron.

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He could have kept his trash bags full of weed if he wasn't racist and violent.

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His weed should have been confiscated, and given to the people he was racist and violent towards.

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They were "going after" an assault suspect, who also made threats to shoot people. The weed (In bulk) was an unexpected byproduct. RTFA.

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1. Man tells crowd in restaurant he's "coming back to shoot up the place".

2. Crashes car into gas line.

3. Loses 50lbs pot, $8,000, gets busted with MAJOR felonies (hard time).

Felony laws for trafficking are still on the books, no one took them off.

The court will crucify this guy.

How the hell does anyone make that many
life-altering mistakes in 30min? Amazing!

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Yet again, out of towners committing acts of evil in our fair city.

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