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Dogs of the Longfellow

Dogs posing for a photo on the Longfellow Bridge

The other day, Taylor came upon all these dogs posed in one of the Longfellow salt shakers (or is it one of the pepper shakers?) and just loved it.

And here is one of the photos the dog walker, Steven Watson, took (bonus shot of the pack in front of the Copley Square T stop, the fancy entrance).


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Who's a good dog? You and you and you and you and you and you. You're all good dogs!

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I'd be impressed if these dogs were all his and he had trained them to pose so well. That he's a professional walker and these are various clients' dogs... he's got some serious dog whispering skills.

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I have never personally hired him, but I run into him and his clients’ dogs all the time. He is truly great with dogs. He can sometimes put people off by being a bit standoffish: “ don’t touch those dogs; they’re not mine,” but I think that’s entirely appropriate for a dog walker to be focused on the well-being of the dogs and not on random strangers who want to pet them.

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The fact that dogs like us. Somehow dogs see past our foibles, anger, rejection and even hatred.

An aside: He is not to be named proved he was unworthy at the start by refusing to have a dog. His claim that he did not have enough time was bogus.

Dogs are Divine creatures we are privileged to know which remind of matters most. Friendship, honesty, love.

Although cats and even bunnies can help keep us worth.

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He is not to be named proved he was unworthy at the start by refusing to have a dog.

I think it's just as plausible that all dogs refused to have someone like him as an owner.

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