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Infant found, alive, in trash barrel outside Lower Mills pizza place

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the incident this afternoon outside Pat's Pizza on Dorchester Avenue.


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In Massachusetts, if you need to abandon an infant seven days old or less, you can legally take them to a hospital, fire station, or police station: https://www.mass.gov/baby-safe-haven -- go in and speak to someone.

You will be asked some questions. You don't have to answer, but your answers will help the child as they grow up -- it's important for them to be able to learn about their family medical history, for example, or to reconnect with relatives when they're an adult.

Hospitals are preferred, if you have a choice, since that's where the infant will be taken after being handed over.

(After seven days, there's a more complicated adoption process. I don't know much about it.)

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I remember well when this system was set up, but the effort to let people know about it has to be kept up in multiple languages and venues for it to keep working.

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"Incident" is a curious choice of a word in this case.

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We have no idea of the circumstances. This is very often the result of mental health issues - pregnancy induced or preexisting.

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"Incident" means "thing that happened," does it not? Isn't it the perfect word to refer to a thing that happened?

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Incident works

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It’s crazy when this happens. I can’t even imagine the emotional detachment, deep mental illness when I hear this. Hopefully baby didn’t suffer too long and will be ok.

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It may not be emotional detachment or deep mental illness. It might be an act of utter desperation.

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These stories always make me very sad. For someone to do this is a sign of a very desperate mind.

Thank God for the alert passerby! Hopefully, the newborn will make it and be placed in a loving home.

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It was in a bag which they had to cut open. Definitely someone who was mentally incapable at the time to make decisions. I hope she is not charged.

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Post partum affects on a woman's hormones is real and dangerous if not treated by a doctor. Please help the woman and her baby. And bless the one who heard the baby and alerted the nearby EMT.

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